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Amaranth Financial Planning supports the Adelaide metro, Strathalbyn and Broken Hill communities.

Amaranth, “meaning… a flower that never fades” resonates with us because we believe your dreams of financial security should never fade either. It strikes at the core of why we exist. With the right planning and partnership, it is possible for all of us to achieve our financial goals.

As your adviser, we are here to listen and understand what is important to you. To help you interpret the particular market cycle and to manage the associated volatility. This means we are always on the journey with you to help you to keep it all in perspective.

While we are always in respect of your right to make your own decisions, we will challenge your thinking if we feel your emotions are leading you to a decision that is not in your best interests.

Deb May


Director/ Senior Financial Planner

I have over 15 years of financial planning experience and have a passion for helping my clients.

For your convenience, I am happy to meet you at your office or in your home. Other locations are available in the City, Magill and Broken Hill.

The value of advice

The best way to achieve your financial goals and protect yourself against risk is to partner with a professional financial adviser who:

This is our dedication to you, your family or your business.


who you are


to what you want


an easy to understand roadmap


how to find quality investments


your risk


in touch through a regular review service

Our advice to you

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Phone: 0455 960 223

PO Box 193 Magill SA 5072


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